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Full list: the MPs quitting their seat at the next election


Labour have selected the bulk of their candidates for the next election but the Tories are still a while way away from that yet. Below is a list of all the MPs from the two main parties who have said they will quit their current seat at the next election.

Conservative MPs (78):

  1. Mike Penning, elected 2005, Hemel Hempstead, aged 65: ‘After careful discussions with my wife Angie and daughters Adele and Abby, I have decided to retire from frontline politics at the next election.’
  2. Sajid Javid, elected 2010, Bromsgrove, aged 52: It was ‘a decision I have wrestled with for some time’.
  3. Charles Walker, elected 2005, Broxbourne, aged 55: ‘I haven’t the stomach for it.’
  4. Dehenna Davison, elected 2019, Bishop Auckland, aged 29: ‘I haven’t had anything like a normal life for a twentysomething.’
  5. Gary Streeter, elected 1992, South West Devon, aged 62: ‘The time has come for me to step back and let a younger person take over.’
  6. Adam Afriyie, elected 2005, Windsor, aged 57: ‘With Brexit concluded… now it the right time for a new MP to represent our constituency.’
  7. Chloe Smith, elected 2009, Norwich North, aged 40: ‘In 2024, after 15 years of service, it will be the right time to step back, for me and my young family.’
  8. Andrew Percy, elected 2010, Brigg and Goole, aged 45: ‘I’ve done this for about two years longer than I ever planned for.’
  9. Douglas Ross, elected 2017, Moray, aged 39, has said he will not stand again at Westminster in order to focus on Holyrood as an MSP.
  10. Mark Pawsey, elected 2010, Rugby, aged 65: ‘After much consideration, I have decided that I will not seek re-election.’
  11. George Eustice, elected 2010, Camborne and Redruth, aged 51: ‘A difficult decision.’
  12. Edward Timpson, elected 2008, Eddisbury, aged 49: ‘ I turn 50 this year, and want to use this opportunity… to return in part to legal practice, but also advocacy roles for vulnerable children and families.’
  13. Jo Gideon, elected 2019, Stoke-on-Trent Central, aged 70: ‘I have not come to this decision lightly.’
  14. Paul Beresford, elected 1992, Mole Valley, aged 76: ‘I did give serious thought to contesting the 2024 election and serving in one more Parliament and the decision to step back has not been easy.’
  15. Stephen McPartland, elected 2010, Stevenage, aged 46: ‘I have decided not to seek reselection in order to take up new opportunities outside of politics.’
  16. Robin Walker, elected 2010, Worcester, aged 44: ‘My young family needs me to be more present.’
  17. Sir Graham Brady, elected 1997, Altrincham and Sale West, aged 55: ‘I am young enough to pursue other opportunities and interests.’
  18. Pauline Latham, elected 2010, Mid Derbyshire, aged 75: ‘Life can be tough when families are separated each week and I think it’s time to put them first.’
  19. Nicola Richards, elected 2019, West Bromwich East, aged 28: ‘Due to changes in my domestic circumstances, I will not be seeking election.’
  20. Stuart Anderson, elected 2019, Wolverhampton South West, aged 46: ‘I have made the decision not to seek renomination as the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Conservative party in Wolverhampton South West… due to personal family reasons.’
  21. Gordon Henderson, elected 2010, Sittingbourne and Sheppey, aged 75: ‘By 2024 I will be 76 years old and will have been working full time for 60 years.’
  22. Craig Whittaker, elected 2010, Calder Valley, aged 60: ‘After much discussion with my wife, Elaine and I have decided to spend more quality time with our family.’
  23. Henry Smith, elected 2010, Crawley, aged 53: ‘It is time for a new generation.’
  24. John Howell, elected 2008, Henley, aged 67: ‘By the end of the next parliament, I will be approaching my mid-70s.’
  25. Jonathan Djanogly, elected 2001, Huntingdon, aged 57: ‘Until the next election, I will continue to represent Huntingdon proudly as I have done to the best of my ability for the past two decades.’
  26. Matthew Offord, elected 2010, Hendon, aged 53: Stepping down to ‘pursue other interests.’
  27. Alister Jack, elected 2017, Dumfries and Galloway, aged 59: ‘At each reshuffle I’ve said “I want to be honest with you, I’m not standing at the next general election”.’
  28. Robert Goodwill, elected 2005, Scarborough and Whitby, aged 66: ‘Too many MPs go on too long in my experience. Now is the time to let someone else younger take over.’
  29. Richard Bacon, elected 2001, South Norfolk aged 60: ‘I have loved every minute of it.’
  30. Dominic Raab, elected 2010, Esher and Walton, aged 49: ‘Increasingly concerned’ about the pressure on his young family.
  31. Philip Dunne, elected 2005, Ludlow, aged 64: ‘I will be 70 during the next parliament and that’s really what’s borne heavily on my decision. It is a younger person’s business. You need the energy and drive and momentum to do this job properly.’
  32. Will Quince, elected 2015, Colchester, aged 40: ‘I am neglecting the most important job I have, being a good dad to two young girls.’
  33. Royston Smith, elected 2015, Southampton Itchen, aged 59: ‘Nothing stays the same for very long and I feel it is time to pass the baton to a new generation.’
  34. Bill Cash, elected 1984, Stone, aged 83:  ‘I have loved every minute, but it is nonetheless, a big wrench.’
  35. Steve Brine, elected 2010, Winchester, aged 49: ‘It feels like the right time now, for both myself and the family.’
  36. Trudy Harrison, elected 2017, Copeland, aged 47: ‘Essentially I am a community activist at home and I want to come home and make sure that the policies that I have been involved with shaping and making actually reap benefits for people in West Cumbria.’
  37. Nickie Aiken, elected 2019, Cities of London and Westminster, aged 55: ‘This is not a decision I have taken lightly. My husband, Alex, who has supported me steadfastly throughout my political career, has accepted a job offer overseas and he deserves my full support as he pursues a new career.’
  38. Stuart Andrew, elected 2010, Pudsey, aged 52: ‘I have written to my members to say that I won’t be standing in either of the two seats that are being created. The reason for that is that when I was first selected for this constituency, I took the view that this was not just about trying to win the next election. It was about having a 20-year plan for the constituency.’
  39. John Baron, elected 2001, Basildon and Billericay, aged 64: ‘After what will be 23 years’ service I have decided the time has come for me to move on.’
  40. Lisa Cameron, elected 2015, East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow, aged 52
  41. Andy Carter, elected 2019, Warrington South, aged 50: ‘Having discussed with my family, I plan to pursue new opportunities, so now is the right time to be open with constituents and my local party.’
  42. Chris Clarkson, elected 2019, Heywood and Middleton, aged 41: ‘Following the Boundary Review’s recommendation that the current Heywood and Middleton seat be replaced by a new Heywood seat and a new Manchester Blackley seat I have decided not to seek selection for either.’
  43. Dame Tracey Crouch, elected 2010, Chatham and Aylesford, aged 48: ‘While everyone’s cancer journey is different, for me going through a diagnosis and coming out the other side of treatment has been a life affirming experience. It has been an opportunity to pause and reflect on my own personal priorities and based on that I truly believe it is time to seek a new professional challenge.’
  44. Sir James Duddridge, elected 2005, Rochford and Southend East, aged 52: ‘I think I have done my time. Forgive me for moving on to do other things.’
  45. Mike Freer, elected 2010, Finchley and Golders Green, aged 63: ‘Since my election as MP in 2010 I have sadly had several serious threats to my personal safety. The attacks by Muslims Against Crusades, Ali Harbi Ali and the recent arson attack have weighed heavily on me and my husband, Angelo… It will be an enormous wrench to step down, it has been the privilege of my life.’
  46. Nick Gibb, elected 1997, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, aged 63: ‘A new opportunity to serve the country in a diplomatic role has arisen. It would be something that would offer me a new intellectual challenge and I am honoured to be considered for the role by the prime minister, whose leadership I support with great enthusiasm.’
  47. Chris Grayling, elected 2001, Epsom and Ewell, aged 62: ‘Earlier this year I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and although the treatment has been successful, it has prompted me to think that after 22 years it is time for a change.’
  48. Robert Halfon, elected 2010, Harlow, aged 55: ‘After well over two decades as the Harlow Parliamentary Candidate and as MP, I feel that it is time for me to step down at the forthcoming general election.’
  49. Stephen Hammond, elected 2005, Wimbledon, aged 62: ‘Despite the national picture, I do believe we can win locally… However, this is the right decision for Sally and me. In recent years we have both been stretched by increased caring responsibilities for our elderly parents and this is unlikely to change in the coming years.’
  50. Oliver Heald, elected 1992, North East Hertfordshire, aged 69: ‘It has been a great privilege to serve the people of this wonderful constituency since 1992 and to have won the confidence of the majority of electors in eight general elections.’
  51. James Heappey, elected 2015, Wells, aged 43: ‘After much reflection, I have taken the painful decision not to stand as a candidate in the next General Election. The opportunity to serve the communities within the Wells Constituency for the last nine years has been the greatest honour of my life. However, I have concluded now is the time to step away from politics.’
  52. David Jones, elected 2005, Clwyd West, aged 72
  53. Greg Knight, elected 2001, East Yorkshire, aged 75: ‘I have decided that the next election is the time for someone else to take over the role of representing this beautiful part of the country at Westminster.’
  54. Kwasi Kwarteng, elected 2010, Spelthorne, aged 48: ‘It has been an honour to serve the residents of Spelthorne since 2010, and I shall continue to do so for the remainder of my time in Parliament.’
  55. Brandon Lewis, elected 2010, Great Yarmouth, aged 52: ‘It is not a decision taken easily as it has been the greatest honour of my life to represent the people of Great Yarmouth in Parliament and to work with so many loyal and dedicated local campaigners.’
  56. Tim Loughton, elected 1997, East Worthing and Shoreham, aged 61: ‘As former Cabinet Minister John Biffen appropriately put it “in politics I think it is wiser to leave five minutes too soon than to continue for five years too long”.’
  57. Theresa May, elected 1997, Maidenhead, aged 67: ‘Since stepping down as prime minister I have enjoyed being a backbencher again and having more time to work for my constituents and champion causes close to my heart… After much careful thought and consideration, I have realised that, looking ahead, I would no longer be able to do my job as an MP in the way I believe is right and my constituents deserve.’
  58. Dr Kieran Mullan, elected 2018, Crewe and Nantwich, aged 39: ‘Changes in my personal life make the associated uncertainty that comes with [standing] even more difficult. It isn’t just me I have to think about.’
  59. Sir Robert Neill, elected 2006, Bromley and Chislehurst, aged 71: ‘Ann-Louise has been fighting bravely to recover from the stroke that she suffered a while ago. I have concluded that it is now right for me to spend more time supporting her.’
  60. Paul Scully, elected 2015, Sutton and Cheam, aged 56: ‘Over the last nine years it’s been a privilege to represent in parliament, the area which I called home for 35 years.’
  61. Alok Sharma, elected 2010, Reading West, aged 56: ‘It has been the honour of my life to serve as the MP for a constituency in the town where I grew up and a privilege to serve in Government and represent the UK on the international stage.’
  62. Ben Wallace, elected 2005, Wyre and Preston North, aged 54: ‘I’m not standing next time… I went into politics in the Scottish parliament in 1999. That’s 24 years. I’ve spent well over seven years with three phones by my bed.’
  63.  Dr Jamie Wallis, elected 2019, Bridgend, aged 39: ‘I wish the candidate in my successor seat all the very best but the seat has significantly changed.’
  64.  Nadhim Zahawi, elected 2010, Stratford-on-Avon, aged 56: ‘As my most famous constituent once wrote: “Go to your bosom; knock there and ask your heart what it doth know.” I have come to feel that the time is right for a new, energetic Conservative to fight for the honour of representing Stratford-on-Avon and assuming the mantle of MP for Shakespeare.’
  65. Chris Heaton-Harris, elected 2010, Daventry, aged 56: ‘I feel the time is right for me to look for some new challenges.’
  66. Jo Churchill, elected 2015, Bury St Edmunds, aged 60
  67. James Grundy, elected 2019, Leigh, aged 45
  68. Dame Eleanor Laing, elected 1997, Epping Forest, aged 66
  69. Huw Merriman, elected 2015, Bexhill and Battle, aged 50
  70. Sir John Redwood, elected 1987, Wokingham, aged 72
  71. Sir Michael Ellis, elected 2010, Northampton North, aged 56
  72. Craig Mackinlay, elected 2015, South Thanet, aged 57
  73. Greg Clark, elected 2005, Tunbridge Wells, aged 56
  74. Sir David Evennett, elected 2005, Bexleyheath and Crayford, aged 74
  75. Matt Hancock, elected 2010, West Suffolk, aged 45: ‘I’m proud to leave parliament as a Conservative MP after two decades serving my country in opposition and in government. I wish Rishi and all my colleagues all the best in the campaign to come.’
  76. Michael Gove, elected 2005, Surrey Heath, aged 56: ‘The chance to serve is wonderful. But there comes a moment when you know that it is time to leave.’
  77. Andrea Leadsom, elected 2010, South Northamptonshire, aged 61: ‘After careful reflection, I have decided not to stand as a candidate at the forthcoming election.’
  78. Aaron Bell, elected 2019, Newcastle-under-Lyme, aged 44: ‘I am proud of the work we have done for individual constituents, even changing the law on behalf of one.’

Labour MPs (30)

  1. Alex Cunningham, elected 2010, Stockton North, aged 67: ‘The next general election would be the right time for me to retire and hopefully do many of the other things I’ve never been able to fit in.’
  2. Margaret Hodge, elected 1994, Barking, aged 78: ‘Serving as an MP has been the honour of my life and an absolute joy.’
  3. Barry Sheerman, elected 1979, Huddersfield, aged 82: ‘Serving Huddersfield has been the honour of my life.’
  4. Harriet Harman, elected 1982, Camberwell and Peckham, aged 72: ‘I will leave the House of Commons with my feminism, my belief in Labour and my enthusiasm for politics unchanged.’
  5. Alan Whitehead, elected 1997, Southampton Test, aged 72: By 2024 he ‘could not give a further five-year commitment to the role of MP at that point, much though I might want to continue in principle.’
  6. Ben Bradshaw, elected 1997, Exeter, aged 62: ‘If I fought the next election and won, I could be pushing 70 by the end of the next parliament.’
  7. Wayne David, elected 2001, Caerphilly, aged 65: ‘It is time to make way for a younger person’.
  8. Paul Blomfield, elected 2010, Sheffield Central, aged 69: ‘ I’ll be 70 next year and for me the next election feels the right time to step down.’
  9. Rosie Winterton, elected 1997, Doncaster Central, aged 64: ‘I have decided that when the next election comes, it will be the time to step down.’
  10. Margaret Beckett, elected 1983, Derby South, aged 79: ‘I will continue to serve local people until the next general election.’
  11. Jon Cruddas, elected 2001, Dagenham and Rainham, aged 60: ‘With the Tories in crisis both locally and nationally, I feel it is time to let someone new take on the challenge.’
  12. Colleen Fletcher, elected 2015, Coventry North East, aged 68: ‘I feel now is the time for me to make the decision to move on and pursue some new challenges.’
  13. Margaret Greenwood, elected 2015, Wirall West, aged 64: ‘It has been a great honour.’
  14. George Howarth, elected 1986, Knowsley North, aged 73: ‘Being the MP for the area I grew up in has been a great privilege.’
  15. Karen Buck, elected 1997, Westminster North, aged 65
  16. Natalie Elphicke, elected 2019, Dover and Deal, aged 53
  17. Ian Mearns, elected 2010, Gateshead, aged 67: ‘I have always been, from the perspective of a trade unionist, speaking up for people’s right to retire. I think it would be hypocritical of me to carry on.’
  18. Dr Dan Poulter, elected 2010, Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, aged 45: ‘I thought on balance, because there’s going to be an election very soon, it’s better to work for my constituents through to the end of this Parliament.’
  19. Christina Rees, elected 2015, Neath, aged 70
  20. Yvonne Fovargue, elected 2010, Makerfield, aged 67
  21. Kevan Jones, elected 2001, North Durham, aged 60
  22. Holly Lynchm elected 2015, Halifax, aged 37
  23. Barbara Keeley, elected 2005, Worsley and Eccles South, aged 72: ‘Recently, I have had treatment in hospital in London after which I was meant to have a six-week recovery period. I was back at work in parliament within two weeks but then the general election was called unexpectedly early. Thinking about the demands of the campaign…has made me realise that now is the time to step aside for a new Labour candidate for the constituency.’
  24. John Spellar, elected 1992, Warley, aged 76: ‘It has been an honour and pleasure to have worked for the great people of Smethwick & Oldbury for over 30 years, and also as a government minister. I look forward to continuing to play an active role in the Labour movement.’
  25. Virendra Sharma, elected 2007, Ealing Southall, aged 77: ‘It has been the pleasure of a lifetime to represent Ealing Southall, but the time has come to step back from the Commons.’
  26. Kevin Brennan, elected 2001, Cardiff West, aged 64: ‘I’m announcing my decision to stand down as Cardiff West MP after 23 years – thank you to local Labour members and constituents for your friendship and support.’
  27. John Cryer, elected 2010, Labour and Wanstead, aged 60.
  28. Lyn Brown, elected 2005, West Ham, aged 64: ‘I have loved being the MP for West Ham and I love it still. Standing down will be such a huge wrench. But, given the challenges we have in Newham and the health challenges I’ve faced this year, I think we need new Labour MPs to take us forward with a Labour government.’
  29. Julie Elliott, elected 2010, Sunderland Central, aged 60: ‘Having spent the weekend with my family and after much deliberation I have decided I will not be standing as a candidate at the general election.’
  30. Steve McCabe, elected 1997, Birmingham Selly Oak, aged 68.

SNP MPs (9):

  1. Mhairi Black, elected 2015, Paisley and Renfrewshire South, aged 29
  2. Ian Blackford, elected 2015, Ross, Sky and Lochaber, aged 63
  3. Douglas Chapman, elected 2015, Dunfermline and West Fife, aged 69
  4. Angela Crawley, elected 2015, Lanark and Hamilton East, aged 36
  5. Patrick Grady, elected 2015, Glasgow North, aged 44
  6. Peter Grant, elected 2015, Glenrothes, aged 63
  7. Stewart Hosie, elected 2005, Dundee East, aged 61
  8. John McNally, elected 2015, Falkirk, aged 73
  9. Dr Philippa Whitford, elected 2015, Central Ayrshire, aged 65

Independent MPs (8):

  1. Crispin Blunt, elected 1997, Reigate, aged 62: ‘After seven increasingly tumultuous parliaments, this will be my last.’
  2. Will Wragg, elected 2015, Hazel Grove, aged 34: ‘I have made the decision not to stand at the next election.’
  3. Julian Knight, elected 2015, Solihull, aged 51: ‘The false and malicious accusation brought against me last December did untold damage to my physical and mental well being as well as causing pain and distress to my loved ones.’
  4. Nicholas Brown, elected 1983, Newcastle upon Tyne East, aged 73
  5. Jeffrey Donaldson, elected 1997, Lagon Valley, aged 61
  6. Conor McGinn, elected 2015, St Helens North, aged 39
  7. Mark Menzies, elected 2010, Fylde, aged 53
  8. Lucy Allan, elected 2015, Telford, aged 58: ‘Today’s Conservative party is just not interested in seats like Telford anymore.’

Sinn Féin MPs (3):

  1. Mickey Brady, elected 2015, Newly and Armagh, aged 73
  2. Michelle Gildernew, elected 2017, Fermanagh and South Tyrone, aged 54
  3. Francie Molloy, elected 2013, Mid Ulster, aged 73

Green MPs (1):

  1. Caroline Lucas, elected 2010, Brighton, Pavilion, aged 63

Plaid Cymru MPs (1):

  1. Hywel Williams, elected 2001, Arfon, aged 70