Piers Morgan

How Donald Trump reveals his morals on the golf course

Trump will be the best golfer ever to become president. Barack Obama is the most prolific, playing more than 300 rounds during his eight-year tenure. But his handicap remains a workmanlike 13. Trump’s is 4, which is not far off professional standard. The only other president to get anywhere close to that was John F. Kennedy, who played off 10 at his peak. If you ever hit the fairways with Trump, though, play fairly or he’ll never forget it.

‘If you cheat in golf you do it in business,’ he told me. ‘I’ve seen it many times. They move the ball an inch and hope nobody sees them, but I always see them. I had a pretty big match and my opponent, a top businessman, hit his drive solidly behind a large tree. There was no way he had a clean hit out of there. I left him to play his shot, and then all of a sudden he’s hit this ball on to the green. So I turned to him and said, “Just out of curiosity, what do you lie?” And he said, “I lie two shots.” I said, “Oh.” And said nothing else. But now I don’t trust him.’ The moral? Be honest about how you lie with Donald Trump.

This is an extract from Piers Morgan’s diary. The full article can be found here