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Watch: Just Stop Oil deface Stonehenge

Now they’ve gone and done it. The juvenile antics of the eternally brain dead Just Stop Oil will be familiar to readers by now – with the group recently diversifying from road blockages to defacing objects of cultural or historical significance in their misguided attempt to protect the climate.

Still, the group may have outdone itself his time. Just Stop Oil have just released a video of members of the group spraying Stonehenge with orange paint, as part of the trust-fund fight against climate change.

To their immense credit, members of the public can be seen trying to protect the monoliths, which are over 4,000 years old, from this pig-headed historical vandalism. Unfortunately, they were not able to prevent the stones from being defaced. Mr S can only hope that the cleaning process does not damage the monoliths, which have immense historical significance. 

As the for the privileged prats who decided on this stupid action, it goes without saying that they truly deserve the book being thrown at them…

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