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When was the last genuine royal tour of Nigeria?

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Royal welcomes

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Nigeria last week. When was the last genuine royal tour of that country?

– The late Queen made a 20-day visit in 1956, four years before Nigeria’s independence. She went for three days in 2003 when she opened the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.
– The then Prince Charles visited in 2018, when he joined a Peacebuilding and Interfaith Engagement, laid a wreath at the Commonwealth War Graves memorial in Abuja and attended a talk on poultry-rearing.

Faith in politics

A Liberal Democrat candidate in Sutton and Cheam has been deselected allegedly because of his Christian faith. How do religious groups tend to vote? A study from 2019 suggests the following:

– LibDems are most popular among Buddhists (15% of whom thought of themselves as Liberal Democrats in 2019) and Baptists (12%); least popular among Muslims (4%), Pentecostalists (5%) and Jews (6%).
– Conservatives are most popular among Jews (44%) and Anglicans (40%); least popular among Muslims (6%) and Buddhists (14%).
– Labour is most popular among Muslims (53% ) and Pentecostalists (34%); least popular among Jews (14%) and the United Reformed Church (15%).


Bring up the bodies

How many deaths get reported to the coroner?

– In 2023, 195,000 deaths were reported, 34% of the total number, the lowest proportion since 1995.
– In 86,000 cases the coroner requested a post-mortem examination.
492 of the deaths were in state detention.
4,600 were related to drugs or alcohol.
9,700 were caused by accidents or misadventure.

Source: Ministry of Justice

Slave trade

Who gets referred to the Home Office as a potential victim of modern slavery?

– In the first three months of 2024, 4,524 people were referred, a 5% decrease on the same quarter of 2023.
73% were male. 
32% were children.
24% were UK nationals.
589 referrals were in London.
47% said that they had been exploited exclusively within Britain.

Source: Home Office