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Why the Cass report won’t change a thing

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The Liberal Democrat candidate in the Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland constituency recently released a video clip of herself sitting in a car and saying just the following: ‘As a Liberal Democrat, I believe that women can have a penis.’ When I’m feeling depressed or under the weather, I play this clip to myself over and over and it never fails to put me in a better frame of mind. It is less the bovine stupidity of the message that amuses than the fact that Jemma Joy – yes, yes, I know – felt the need to recite it, as if there were people out there determined to believe that she thought that women couldn’t have penises and might victimise her for this heresy.

An entire liberal elite has bought into these falsehoods and has no intention of letting them go

I have been tempted to ask Jemma how many penises women could have and would it be OK if they were not located in the usual place but perhaps dangled usefully from each knee – and when in a
priapic state could be deployed as a makeshift fork-lift truck. I don’t suppose Jemma would find such puerility amusing. I have considered the possibility that the woman actually believes what she is saying but have given her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she doesn’t.

I daresay an awful lot of Lib Dem candidates will be spouting similar idiocies in the months to come so that the party might reap the electoral benefits of being seen as much more stupid than Labour. It is determined to outflank Labour in terms of post-rational liberal overreach and already I have noticed that some party candidates have engaged in joint campaigning with George Galloway in constituencies with a large Muslim presence (such as the district of Spotland, in Rochdale) and this may cause problems for Labour. Those are the sorts of constituencies, of course, where the Lib Dem candidate would be ill-advised to announce that women can have penises, or even just one penis. Target your messages carefully, you Lib Dems: from the river to the sea in Rochdale, chicks with dicks in Middlesbrough South. All of this should remind us that intersectionality is a myth – none of the stuff they believe in intersects, never mind makes any sense or has any moral force.

It has been fascinating to watch the radical left turn paroxysms in the wake of Dr Hilary Cass’s review of gender identity and the transitioning processes available to eight-year-olds. By and large what the likes of Stonewall and Mermaids have done is tell lies and hope beyond hope that some prominent fellow travellers will take up the baton and run towards the finishing line with it.

So, well done, Dawn Butler, the Labour MP who appears to believe that children are born without a sex and that almost all giraffes bat for the other side, so to speak. Butler parroted a Stonewall briefing which insisted that Dr Cass had ignored a multitude of research papers which lauded the benefits of medically induced transitioning, which was indeed a lie – as Dr Cass painstakingly explained, and Butler was later commended to apologise for ‘inadvertently [misleading] the House of Commons’. Meanwhile, the Scottish Greens cleave to the same falsehood and cling to it like a spider will cling to the side of a bath as the water rises beneath it. Elsewhere, the valiant and commendable (for everything other than those bloody wizard stories) J.K. Rowling has demanded that Sir Keir Starmer apologise to the party’s one MP who was brave enough and intelligent enough to reject the post-rational stuff about transgenderism and was relentlessly bullied by her own colleagues for it – the admirable Rosie Duffield.

The shadow justice secretary, Shabana Mahmood, has now joined Duffield in her lonely corner in stating that she believes a person’s sex is immutable. All of these developments have given rise to a certain euphoria among the Terfs, the non-woke, the sensible, that this whole ludicrous and confected ideology has imploded and the battle has at last  been won. How I wish that were the case. But it isn’t, for the following reasons.

An entire liberal elite has bought into these falsehoods and it has no intention whatsoever of letting them go. I will bet you that five years from now, both Stonewall and Mermaids will still be spewing their counter-factual propaganda into the nation’s schools and the teachers will be delighted to receive it. Let me suggest that Baron Sewell’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities indicates precisely how the liberal elite will treat the Cass report.

Tony Sewell’s exhaustive and fascinating investigation was driven by empirical evidence and objective fact-finding. It showed – among many other things – that there was no systematic or institutionalised racism in the UK. As a consequence, everybody in the extremely lucrative race-relations industry decided that it should henceforth be entirely ignored. The race grifters have continued with their corrosive and idiotic work, utterly undaunted by the fact that almost everything they claimed to believe in was demonstrated, objectively, as being a profound delusion. They may even have stepped it up a bit. There is too much money at risk to take any notice of Sewell, not to mention the prospect of an entire ideology unravelling before their very eyes.

‘How openly Jewish are we talking, Control? Will we need back-up?’

What the Terfs et al forget is that we are in an age characterised as post-truth, sometimes masquerading as ‘my truth’. In fairness some of this is the consequence of post-feminist theory, to which many of those Terfs were committed adherents, and which quite disdains the notion of objectivity entirely, in a kind of mangled Derridean fashion. Therefore facts are not important. What is important is the centre of this ideology holding firm against the empirical assaults from outside. What Dr Cass concluded may indeed be factually correct, based upon her analysis of more than 100 studies. But being correct isn’t the point – grifting is the point.