The ten unclued lights comprise five pairs, as implied by the title. Elsewhere, ignore one apostrophe.         Across    1    Leaves evening party, returning by church (8) 12    Rag Conservative, reluctant after defeat (10) 13    Sad rake unpleasant with no love in sight (6) 15    Nice No. 1’s changed, according to singers? (8) 18    Where the


Seven unclued lights are connected by an eighth. Elsewhere, ignore one acute accent and one apostrophe.         Across    1    British bishop packing pickles in hampers (7)    6    Creep made dull mates all shed clothes (7) 11    Jack and John, married and flourishing (6) 12    Brings out daywear oddly shunned by male models (7) 14   

2661: Spectrum

The unclued lights, four of two words, two individually or six pairs bear a common feature. One of the words does double duty, and another appears in two forms. Ignore three accents in the completed grid.         Across    1    Criminal having cheese biscuit that’s not bad (4-7)    7    Found in cage in tribunal

2660: Walsall winters

The unclued lights, which include one of four words, one of three words, two of two words, comprise a quotation in ODQ. Elsewhere, ignore one apostrophe.        Across    1  A wicket for Jasper’s cousin (5)    6  Small capitals backed capital of dross (7) 16  Safe to give criticism, but not about daughter (7)

2659: Splitting the atom

The twelve unclued lights comprise six symmetrically placed ‘split atoms’. Across 5    Fruit devastation, not the first linked to difficulties (8) 10    Disregard Italian bloke, shunning introduction (6) 11    Adherent of government line disheartened only celebs (8) 12    Tea offered by curt Cromwellian? (4) 14    White metal club 37 holds (6) 18    Cunning son, extremely

2658: Yackety-yack

The unclued lights (one of three words) are of a kind and can be verified in Brewer, whose spelling is used.         Across    1    Small horn from moulding left indoors (8)    6    Love being in a home on the water (6) 11    Vauxhall model almost off course (5) 13    Cooked lamb, say, is

2657: Out the back

A book title has three elements, each one suggested by three unclued lights. The author’s name is hidden in the grid and should be highlighted. Ignore three accents.         Across    1    Notice cutter that bobs up and down (6)    4    Temporary halt proves to relax (4,4)    9    Message no longer seen in

2656: A la carte

Unclued lights, including one of two words (all in Chambers) display nine items of a kind in the grid, appropriately positioned in relation to each other. All nine must be highlighted. Across  1    Bear dire deed to resolve neurosis (7)  7    Indian city cleric lacking force (7) 13    Running into water ebbing for ages (5)

2655: Primacy

The unclued lights (one of two words) are of a recent kind. Across 10    Late bishop, terribly welcoming (10) 13    Farah off with English – that’s dull (8) 16    Confiscate trawler catching small fish (5) 17    Nick caught with grass in school (7) 18    Could be Turkish transport (7) 20    Poirot found by small transport

2654: 14-222

Eight unclued entries are of a kind. Their unchecked letters can be rearranged to spell out ‘A DISBELIEVING GAUL COULD ACT’. Across 1    Protecting bats utterly absorbs adult (8) 5    Kind of frightening when blowing top (6) 14    Guy ignoring both sides of family (3) 16    Endorse leaders of alternative fuel company (6) 17    Radium

2653: Order! Order!

Twelve symmetrically placed, unclued lights (one hyphened) appear in a form suggested by a word that may be linked to their original forms (all normal words). Their unchecked and mutually cross-checking letters together spell out CRIPPLING LINKMEN DINING IN. Across 1    Bridges crossing American and Asian boats (7) 6    Spanish plateaux framed in rocky seam

2652: A and M

The unclued Across lights are of a kind, as are the related unclued Down lights. The yellow and red squares, when read in order row by row, confirm the theme.         Across    1    Feel rip-off by stewards providing obligatory features on board (4,10) 11    Section of grammar review of Aeneid (three chapters) (9)

2651: Visionary

One artist’s ten-word comment on a critic runs round three sides of the perimeter; who spoke of whom fills the top line. Other unclued lights name two works by each: two of three words each, one pair, and one pair totalling four words. Across 10    Insignificant type dropped in a river? That’s enough! (8) 12   

2650: Detention for history

One of the unclued entries is responsible for a quotation that makes up the others (two of three words, one of two words). Across 1    Precious metals Cook nearly left (1,6) 6    Netball players in mid-court for three quarters? (7) 12    Another one bites the dust, recipe being trapped wind (7) 14    Biting an animal’s

2649: Shut up shop

The unclued lights (three pairs and two individually and two of which are of two words) are now of a kind.         Across    1    Spice rack item revealed by horse and page (3,4) 11    Plenty of space, we’re told, for nursing with a head cold (6) 12    Deserts featuring brown palms (7) 14    Nasty

2648: Thus at an end

Eight unclued lights are of a kind. Their unchecked and mutually checked letters can be rearranged to spell ‘LIKE IMPIOUS MYTHIC LOCH NESS MONSTER’. Ignore an acute accent and two hyphens.         Across    7    Tax cuts regularly have an effect (3) 11    TT race practice (3,3) 13    Lunatic on motorway initially infuriated by a

2647: Pabulum’s last bow

This is Pabulum’s last regular puzzle, though he will continue to appear from time to time. Two pairs of unclued lights give examples of the theme word. Remaining unclued lights each contain a thematic element: a relevant name (6) will appear in the completed grid and must be shaded. Across 4    Coccid growing short

2646 : Too many (In memoriam)

The unclued lights (two of two words) comprise two celebrity pairs which are represented by a singleton, two pairs (one ‘In memoriam’) and a trio of lights . Across 1    Slices top of sausage in front of dogs (5) 4    Traffic police with amphetamine found by small wood, reportedly (5,4) 9    City’s main Mr Big

2645: Old comrades

Unclued lights make up a group, its members and location (two pairs, one doubly hyphened). Ignore one accent Across 1    Red Route heartless? Tough (5) 4    Hugo’s girl’s medals are amazing (9) 11    Possible political pact on the left, I spill the beans (3-3) 12    From the outside, edged in to brush chamber (7) 15   

2644: Joinery

The unclued lights can be joined to form six pairs.         Across    6    No intro to US showbiz approach? (7) 11    Left earlier than usual in mere sport (4) 12    Whiteness of marital bed, only partly (6) 14    Again announce gusto outside bar (9) 17    Translated phrase, Latin, gets round (7) 18    Something stuck