Julie Bindel

Julie Bindel

Julie Bindel is a feminist campaigner against sexual violence

The red line: Biden and Xi’s secret Ukraine talks

38 min listen

On this week’s podcast: Could China be the key to peace in Ukraine? In his cover piece for the magazine this week Owen Matthews reveals the covert but decisive role China is playing in the Ukraine war. He is joined by The Spectator’s Cindy Yu, to discuss what Xi’s motivations are (00:53).  Also this week:  Harriet Sergeant

The Julie Bindel Edition

30 min listen

Julie Bindel is a radical feminist, journalist and activist. Growing up in Darlington, she left school aged 15, and at 16 moved to Leeds in search of – in her own words – ‘scary-sounding feminists’. In the 90s, she founded Justice For Women, a feminist campaigning organisation that supports, and advocates on behalf of, women who

Katy Balls, Julie Bindel and Douglas Murray

22 min listen

On this week’s episode, we’ll hear from Katy Balls on Labour’s strategy – would Starmer actually prefer Boris Johnson to stay in place? (00:51) Next, Julie Bindel on the rise of lesbian divorce (06:12) And finally, Douglas Murray on the hellish new trend of having to bring your ‘whole self’ to work. (14:00) Produced and presented by

Europe’s panic: what’s behind their vaccine meltdown?

39 min listen

As the EU threatens a vaccine export ban, is their blind panic a sign of incoming crisis? (1:15) Plus, will a new Instagram account for teenage girls to report sexual assault restart a battle of the sexes? (18:05) And finally, what is it like to be one of the last British babies born under the

Aftermath: when will the country truly recover from the virus?

31 min listen

The vaccine might be just around the corner, but can the country truly recover? (01:00) How can the Labour party win back the working class? (11:15) And finally, should we celebrate the new statue of Mary Wollstonecraft? (23:10) With The Spectator’s political editor James Forsyth, chair of the Health Select Committee Jeremy Hunt, firefighter and